Heat exchanger in Barneveld for two barns at Jansen-Otten

Heat exchanger

In March 2020, Jansen-Otten opted for a combined heat exchanger for both (existing) barns, as this was the best solution due to the limited space between the barns. The new heat exchanger was connected to an existing system by Big Dutchman, which was already fitted with manure conveyor aeration with piping system.

Drying of manure

As the heat exchanger brings in air with a low relative humidity over the manure conveyor, the manure at Jansen-Otten is drier after several weeks than it was previously.

Mist (cooling) system

A misting system has also been built in to the heat exchanger. Water is misted into the outgoing air, which ensures that the incoming air is cooled without increasing the humidity. This increases the cooling effect even further, since a chicken depends on the evaporation of water by breathing to cool itself, which works less effectively if the humidity is already somewhat saturated by misting in the barn.

Vacuum cleaner

The outgoing barn air is filtered over a drum filter with filter cloth before entering the heat exchanger. A vacuum cleaner system is attached to this filter cloth, which cleans the cloth and maintains the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

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