Heat exchanger 30/38 in Hoogland for Gilbert van den Hengel

Broiler chicks

This Airhouse 30/38 heat exchanger was delivered to Gilbert in Hoogland in late 2019, early 2020. Gilbert is building his 3rd barn for about 38,000 broiler chicks, with the heat exchanger providing the minimum ventilation and (pre-)heating.

Heat exchanger

The freestanding heat exchanger supplies heating for the barn in the form of a large central heating unit, including boilers. The barn is heated via a re-circulation system and the exchanger mixes in more fresh air from outside as the cycle progresses.

Filtration unit

The outgoing barn air is filtered over a drum filter with filter cloth before entering the heat exchanger. A vacuum cleaner system is attached to this filter cloth, which keeps the cloth clean.

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