The Coolbox cadaver refrigerators by Beekamp B.V. are robust and properly insulated.

2 and 4-tonne models

The cadaver refrigerators are offered in 2 standard sizes. This is a 2-tonne model with a single door and a large filling hatch, which can hold 2 CABIN 240 L cadaver drums.

A larger 4-tonne model with 2 access doors can hold 4 CABIN 240 L cadaver drums and is fitted with 2 large filling hatches, which can be opened independently.

Storage and hygiene

Proper storage of animal waste and cadavers is very important to ensure optimum farm hygiene. Good hygiene is vital to limiting the danger of infection by bacteria and other pathogens.


In addition to the storage and farm hygiene, the cadaver refrigeration also reduces the risk of vermin. You will also save significantly on collection costs, as the excellent refrigeration will allow you to store the animal waste and cadavers for a longer period without problems. A win-win situation.

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