Acquisition of company

Since 1 May 2019, all matters regarding heat exchangers have transferred from the company “Van de Glind Regeltechniek & Ventilatie”, under the management of Marius van de Glind, to Beekamp B.V.

Marius stopped selling heat exchangers and associated parts. He will continue to support us on technical and ventilation aspects. In this way, we can use and further develop his knowledge and experience in our company.

Maintenance and service

Beekamp B.V. has taken over these activities, including new-build, maintenance and service. Marius will remain involved in our company (on the sidelines) and we will take over any cases from the past as efficiently as possible.

Beekamp B.V. looks forward to working with you and will work hard to meet your needs regarding heat exchangers for agricultural & poultry barns.

Our aim is to deliver state-of-the-art products that will lead the way in the following aspects: sustainability, low-maintenance products, efficiency and applicability.

Convinced of our qualities?

Have you become interested in one of our products or would you like information for your conversion project, renovation project or new barn to be built? Please contact us without any obligation or request a quote.