Acquisition of Van de Glind

Beekamp B.V. was founded in May 2019, following the acquisition of all knowledge and expertise regarding the heat exchangers from the company “Van de Glind regeltechniek & elektra”, under the management of Marius van de Glind.

The faces behind Beekamp B.V. are René Beek and Harold Kampert.

Experience in practice

René Beek is a chicken farmer who owns an innovative barn for “beter leven” (better life) three star laying hens, with a keen interest in responsible and environmentally friendly farming practices. This work is perfectly suited to him, now that a heat exchanger contributes to reduced energy consumption, more efficient production and a better final product. He also assembles roof and wall cladding via his company Beek Montage B.V., which – together with Beekamp B.V. – offers him plenty of challenges and satisfaction. Via his company Beek Deuren B.V. he supplies agricultural and industrial doors for a wide range of projects.

Creative and technical solutions

Harold Kampert loves creative solutions. He founded his company HaroldsDesign during his HBO mechanical engineering studies. Via HaroldsDesign he provides technical services and produces custom products. He also knows a lot about the manufacturing methods and developments in the agricultural and industrial sector. An innovative company such as Beekamp B.V. truly enhances his working life. A good friendship, a joint passion and a healthy dose of common sense in both partners results in the perfect collaboration.

We deliver high-quality products that help to improve the climate of your agricultural company. These products include heat exchangers, cadaver refrigeration, filters for particulate matter and more.

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René Beek

poultry specialist & sales

Harold Kampert

development & production

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